Dan & Tina

We started salsa , as totally beginners, with Julien at SalsaNueva this year, in October 2015. The classes are very detailed and explanations are very clear,  which is really appreciable when you truly want to learn and improve fast.
We are both professional dancers in hip-hop and we wanted to learn and be also professional as well in Salsa.

The classes are really fun to attend and we feel like the relax atmosphere is the best to learn in the best conditions possible.
All the students are really nice. It's like a salsa family, open to share and meet new people.
Julien is speaking French, English and Spanish as well during the classes, which is AWESOME for a non-French speaker.

We've had an AMAZING time this year learning and having fun in the same time. There is only one thing to say, THANK YOU so much Julien for being such a great teacher and all the advices you are giving to your students.

Moreover, during the year, Julien encourage and help us to participate to a salsa contest, it make us improve so much. He has been such a great coach and help to us. We had also the chance to sign up for the second "atelier chorégraphique". We met some amazing people and dancers and it pushed us to the next level. The atmosphere was great, the choreography was hard but we worked on details and all of us nailed it in the end. It was awesome experience.

Much love,
Dan & Tina


18 janvier 2018


atelier chorégraphique